This privacy statement (“Statement”) applies to all of the hotel brands owned or licensed by Marriott International, Inc. and its affiliates, including The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. (collectively, the “Marriott Group”).
We have prepared this Statement to inform you of the privacy principles that govern our use of information we obtain from our customers, including information we obtain through our websites, including, and other websites owned or controlled by the Marriott Group (collectively, the “Websites”). As used in this Statement, the term “Authorized Licensees” means certain companies that have entered into a license or similar agreement with a Marriott Group company to sell products and services under a Marriott Group brand. Authorized Licensees are independent from the Marriott Group, and include entities such as Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation operator of the Marriott Vacation Club and Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Real Estate, and the issuer of the Marriott Rewards Credit Card.

Our Websites are available to visitors located throughout the world, and operated for different purposes. For instance, some may be specific to a hotel brand or property, and others may enable you to shop for travel-related products. Our Websites are generally operated from the United States in accordance with laws of the United States and visitors to our Websites should be aware that the laws of the United States may differ from those of your country of residence. Marriott International, Inc. and its Affiliates are certified to the U.S.-E.U. and U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks for the transfer of personal data to the United States, and such transfers are subject to our European Union and Switzerland Privacy Statement. Where we operate country-specific Websites, those Websites are operated in accordance with the laws of that specific country.


Our guestbook is a collection of Instagram images taken by our guests, crew and third parties. To operate the guestbook a reference to every image is stored in a database: the Instagram username, a link to the image, the date and time it was taken and any tags added to the image. This information is used exclusively to display these images on the Moxy Hotels website, in Moxy Hotels and at Moxy events. Permission for such usage is implied from the inclusion of the hashtag #atthemoxy by an Instagram user. To revoke or deny current and future usage, Instagram users can exclude their accounts from the guestbook via the link below.


If we've featured your Instagram image in our guestbook, you've either used #atthemoxy or we've asked your permission directly. To remove your images from the guestbook, click the link below. You'll need to approve the Instagram request so the Instagram servers know who you are. After that, no images from your account will be featured in the guestbook.

Revoke Permission