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What does it take to open a Moxy in New Orleans?

Bumblespot #atthemoxy

It’s official. Moxy is off the market. Tied down. Netflix and chillin’. You get it. Bumble and Moxy are a thing and you’re invited to play too.

Moxy Hotels in North America are now Bumblespots, bringing virtual connections to life through the power of play. This perfect pairing is all about empowering connections by offering creative and interactive spaces IRL to host your most recent match! So get your Bumble date - be it bizz, BFF or romantic, and meet #atthemoxy. Follow @moxyhotels on Instagram to keep up-to-date with all the buzz :)



#atthemoxy, we love free thinkers. Creative minds that see things differently, who see a blank canvas anywhere they look. We invited illustrators, photographers, spatial artists, sculptors, drawers, street and graffiti artists to submit their work and join the Blank Canvas competition.

Take a look at the selected artists and learn about upcoming calls for entry.


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There’s always something happening, or someone to meet, at Moxy Hotels. Share your stories on our guestbook. Just post your photos on Instagram and tag #atthemoxy. We’ll show them off on our lobby screens and on the website. 

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