#SweatAtMoxy with Banana Skirt

Magic Hour Rooftop

Channel your inner pop star and dance yourself into sizzling shape with Banana Skirt Productions at #SweatAtMoxy!

Selected as one of the “Biggest Fitness Trends of 2017” by Elle UK, Banana Skirt offers a one-of-a-kind dance cardio experience led by a team of ultra-energetic, fun, and friendly professional dance instructors.  Class details:


We’ve discovered unleashing your inner Beyonce under club lights can be exhilarating!  Join us for a high-energy booty shaking, dance fitness class where we  turn up while getting fit dancing to a club style mix of our favorite Pop and R&B hits!  The best part about LIT POPSTAR DANCE FITNESS!™ is that you will do moves from your fave music videos plus a workout comes with this party – complete with interval training that targets  – abs, gluts, arms, and legs. This is a watch & follow style class, no need to remember any choreography!




Matia Johnson, Tiana Hester-Charles, Nicole “Nikki” Cherry, Briana Butler

To sign up, email fitness@moxytimessquare.com

Don’t want to lug your workout clothes to class? We got you!

Moxy has partnered with Routinely to provide you all the premium workout gear you need for #SweatAtMoxy, 100% complimentary! Simply show up for a few minutes prior to class and we’ll have your gear ready and waiting.

To order, click  here  and put in your order no later than Wednesday afternoon. Be sure to put SweatAtMoxy in the special delivery and “sweatatmoxy” as the promo code.


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