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#atthemoxy we don’t make excuses. Because we don’t make any rules. Step inside, make the bar your dance floor, kick back with a Cosmopolitan like the cosmopolitan you are. But just so you know, you might not want to leave. Ever.


Moxy is a boutique hotel with the social heart of a hostel. A free-spirited place where you can do all that crazy fun stuff you’d never think of doing at home, together with likeminded spirits you’d otherwise never have met.

Yes, the WiFi is speedy and the cushy beds are freshly made, but more importantly, the bar is always open and the crew is always on. Whether you’re staying for the night or just a nightcap, you’ll see why it’s no place like home.


You’re new in town and you’re going places. We totally get that. So we’ve made sure the time you do spend at the Moxy is jampacked full of good stuff. From scrumptious snacks and delectable drinks, to games, to art, to secret hiding spots, to comfy couches to snooze off in. Our lobbies are like livingrooms with a bartender. Our guestrooms are like treehouses you never want to leave, where you curl up in soft sheets, stream your favorite movie from our white-hot WiFi and cocoon for as long as you want.

When the clock strikes club, we’ll kickstart your night with crazy cocktails. Our 24/7 bar is the perfect launchpad for whatever adventures you have planned. We’ll get you fueled and ready for take-off. Because, #atthemoxy we want you to have it all.


We’ve done our homework. Or rather we let some of the best design teams around do it for us. We asked them to get nosy and discover what people love, use or couldn’t care less about while staying at a hotel. That’s how we found out that most guests never use their closets. And, while we’ve kept room for your stuff, we nipped a few solid inches for a sweet 42” TV and an even sweeter bed.

We also discovered that, like us, most people turn up their noses at instant coffee. That’s why we brew fresh joe downstairs in the lobby. And while you’re there, look around. You’ll find all the amenities and comforts (not to mention games, grab-and-go bites, and a full-service bar) you’d expect of a boutique hotel, only at an affordable price.

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